The Central Illinois District Board of Directors

CID Board of Directors:

Front Row (left to right):
Mark Eddy, 2nd Vice President; Mark Miller, President; and Rick Milas, 1st Vice President/Chairman.

Middle Row (left to right):
Michael Burdick, Ordained; Jason Braaten, Ordained; Roger Garlisch, Lay; Michael Mohr, Secretary;
Jill Gerberding, Commissioned; and Larry Wachtel, Lay.

Back Row (left to right):
Dale Dirks, Treasurer; Michael Schuermann, Ordained; Wayne Dietrich, Lay; Nathan Landskroener, Commissioned; Tom Blessman, Lay; Pablo Dominguez, Ordained; Trip Rogers, Ed. Exec; Chris Anderson, Director - CEF; Ken Schurb, Mission Exec; and Charles Olander, CID Gift-Planner.

Not Pictured:
James Stuenkel, Assistant Secretary; James Frazee, Financial Secretary.



Central Illinois District - Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
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