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Official Notices

Vacancies (23 total, 17 actively calling)

  • Beardstown, St. John -The Rev. Michael Nemec of Hillsboro TX was called and he has declined.  More names are being gathered.
  • Casey/Robinson, Trinity/Redeemer - Their congregation self-study has been completed and received in the district office.  The Rev. Steven Becker is assisting in the vacancy.  A call list has been sent to them.
  • Danville, Immanuel - The Rev. Philip Callahan is serving the vacancy.  A call list has been sent to them for their consideration.  On July 11th, they extended a call to Rev. Nickolas Kooi of St. Paul, Minnesota and he has declined.  A call was extended to Rev. Joseph Barlau of Seymour IN and he declined.
  • Decatur, St. Paul - Is proceeding with seeking a Senior Pastor following Rev. Eric Trickey's being called to glory.  The office has received a job description and is proceeding with recommending names of candidates. 
  • -Dieterich/Wheeler - St. Paul/St. John - Rev. Dean Herberts of Sheldon WI was called and he has accepted.  He was installed at 4 pm on Oct 4.
  • East Peoria, St. Peter - Rev. Aaron Bueltmann of Bel Air, MD has been called and he has declined having accepted a call to Ohio.  They would like additional names.
  • Havana, St. Paul - Pastor Wendorf left at the end of December 2019.  Pastor Bruce Lakamp of East Peoria will take on vacancy responsibilities.  They have extended a call to Rev. Jason Rensner of Shumway, IL and he has declined.  They have received additional names.
  • Lexington, St. Paul -  They have submitted additional names and received a new call list.  They called Aaron Bueltmann and he has declined.
  • Lincoln, Faith - Rev. Mark Peters retired in September and has moved to NID.   Rev. Clarence Rogers will be serving the vacancy.  They have extended a call to Rev. Trevor Mankin of Seattle, WA and he has declined.  They have received additional names.
  • Loda, Immanuel - has been vacant since their pastor, Rev. David Allen, was called to glory.  They are currently being served by Rev. Earl Kinnee.
  • Macomb, Immanuel and Student Center - The Rev. Tom Baker of MO is serving during the vacancy.  The office has received their self-study, nominations, and a call list was sent to them.
  • Mattoon, St. John - The Rev. Adam Jacobsen accepted a call to a dual parish in MNS.  A Pre-Call Mtg. was held on June 29th.  The district office has received nominations and paperwork.  A call list has been sent to them.  They are looking for a few additional names.
  • -Milan, St. Matthew - They extended a call to Rev. Zachary Hoffman of Gainesville, GA and he has declined.  They requested a new call list and it has been sent to them.  They have extended a call to Rev. Kurt Larson of Davenport IA.  He has accepted and will be installed on Oct 11 at 3 pm.
  • Milford, Our Savior - Pastor Gibbs accepted a call to MO.  A Pre-call mtg. was held on Sept. 19th.  Their self-study has been received and a call list has been forwarded to the call committee.  They extended a call to Rev. David Rolf of Kansas City, MO and he has declined.
  • New Holland, Zion - Pastor Wayne Hoffman is serving the vacancy following Pastor Olander's retirement at the end of September.  A Pre-Call Meeting was held October 5.
  • Newton, Good Shepherd - Rev. Michael Seidenstricker has retired as of the end of 2016.  A Pre-call meeting was held on April 3, 2018.  The congregational self-study has been received.  They are being served by Rev. Earl Brown of Effingham.
  • Peoria, Redeemer - They have submitted their self-study and nominations for the position of Associate Pastor.  A call list was sent to them.  They are investigating a call for a seminary graduate.
  • Quincy, St. James - Pastor Fieberkorn accepted a call to St. Charles MO.  On July 19th they extended a call to Rev. Timothy Appel of Smithville, TX and he has declined.  A call was extended to Rev. Grayson Albers of Temple TX and he has declined.
  • Rushville, St. John/Mt. Sterling, First - are vacant with the retirement of Rev. Joseph Eckman who has moved to Florida.  Rev. Tom Baker is helping out with pulpit supply.
  • Salem, Salem - A Pre-Call meeting was held on Nov. 5 as they prepare to call a Senior Pastor with Pastor Doug Meyer retiring this summer.  They extended a call to Rev. Jason Hoerth of Cincinnati OH and he has declined.
  • -San Jose St. Luke/Delavan Christ - Pastor Jeffrey Siegel retired and moved back to IDW.  The congregation received a call list and they have extended a call to Rev. David Jacob of Havana, IL who has accepted.  He will be installed on September 27th.
  • Sherman, Good Shepherd - Pastor Schuermann accepted a call to Champaign and his services were completed at the end of December 2019.  They extended a call to Rev. Scott Adel of Collinsville, IL and he has declined.
  • Strasburg, Grace/St. Paul – They extended a call to Rev. Kyle Wright of Collinsville IL and he declined.  A call has been extended to Rev. Christopher Lieske of Monticello, MN and he is deliberating.
  • Sullivan, Faith -  They extended a call to Rev. David Stevens of Lake Mills, WI and the Lord saw fit to call him to glory before he could be installed
  • Thawville, St. Peter - They are presently receiving pulpit supply through Rev. Earl Kinnee.
  • -Watseka, Calvary - They extended a call to the Rev. Aaron Uphoff of Randolph, New Jersey and he has accepted.   He was installed on September 27th.
  • St. Paul, Woodworth - With Pastor Michael Stoerger receiving and accepting the call to Peace, Thomasboro, a Pre-call meeting was held on August 26th. Their self-study has been received and a call list will be worked on. 

CID Vicars/Candidates Placed

  • Candidate Tyler Arends [CTSFW], Friendship, Champaign, to Trinity, Guymon, OK
  • Candidate Norlen Bartens [CTSFW], Good Shepherd, Newton, to Grace/Trinity, Neligh/Elgin NE  
  • Candidate Scott Brown [CSL], of Bethel, Morton to Ebenezer/St. James, Alexandria/Parkers Prairie, MN.
  • Vicar Emmett Bartens [CTSFW], Good Shepherd, Newton, to Our Redeemer, Cedar Falls, IA.
  • Vicar William Fredstrom [CSL], Christ, Normal, to Immanuel, Seymour, IN.
  • Vicar Ian Heinze, [CSL], St. James, Quincy, to Our Savior, Lansing, MI.
  • Vicar Christopher Walters [CTSFW], Trinity, Peoria, to Lutheran Life Villages, Ft. Wayne, IN.  

CID Vicarage Assignments 2019-2020

  • St. John's Beardstown hopes to call a bilingual pastor as Pastor Evenson prepares to retire this summer.  St. John, East Moline was assigned Michael Wilke[CSL] and will begin his duties this summer 2020, working with the Rev. Kent Umbarger.  At Holy Cross, Moline , working under the supervision of the Rev. Dr. Wilfred Karsten, Nathaniel Kunkel (Hannah)[CTSFW] will begin his vicarage the summer of 2020 as Holy Cross' 51st vicar.  Our Savior, Washington has received a vicar, Alexander Goodwin (Esther), [CSL] who will begin his service this summer 2020.  We will bid God's peace to Tyler McMiller and Paul Marksas they return this summer to complete their final academic year at the seminary.  

Calls Pending

  • Rev. Paul Hemenway, Senior Pastor, Trinity Springfield was considering a call to Trinity, Kalispell, MT and he has declined.

Pastoral Changes


  • Rev. Glenn Niemann has renal cell carcinoma and was placed on Emeritus status.
  • Kim, daughter of Rev. Doug and Marilyn Meyer, was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer with a tumor in her brain.  She has progressed nicely and though continuing with her treatments seems to be improving.  She underwent brain surgery on July 9, 2020 which went well.  She continues to receive treatment.
  • Rev. Clarence Rogers recently had quintuple by-pass surgery and has recovered remarkably.

President's Calendar 

  • Sep 1 1 pm ZOOM Meeting with Task Force on Ordained Ministers Information Form
  • Sep 14 9:30 am COP Meeting ZOOM
  • Sep 15 9:30 am COP Meeting ZOOM continued
  • Sep 15 3:30 pm Finance and Management CID Office
  • Sep 17 7 pm CID 2021 Convention Nominations Committee CID Office
  • Sep 22 9 am CID Board of Directors
  • Sep 25 Bethany Meyer (daughter) and Nick Canopy Wedding
  • Sep 27 3 pm Calvary Watseka Uphoff installation (Hahn)
  • Sep 27 3 pm Christ Delavan/St. Luke San Jose Jacob installation in Delavan (Thompson)
  • Oct 4 4 pm St. John, Wheeler Herberts installation (Miller).
  • Oct 5 10:30 am COP Program Committee ZOOM
  • Oct 5 7 pm Zion, New Holland Pre-Call Meeting
  • Oct 8 6 pm Immanuel, Danville Leadership Meeting
  • Oct 11 3 pm St. Matthew, Milan Larson installation (Hagen)
  • Oct 12 Vacation Day
  • Oct 13 2 pm CID Archives CID Office
  • Oct 14-16 COP Regional Meeting Milwaukee WI
  • Oct 23 10 am Audit Review CID Office
  • Nov 2 65th Birthday
  • Nov 3 Election Day
  • Nov 5 6:30 pm St. John Buckley Leadership
  • Nov 6 12 noon CID Endowment Fund ZOOM
  • Nov 8 125th Anniversary of Immanuel Laurel NE preach
  • Nov 11 Veterans Day CID OFFICE Closed
  • Nov 12 10 am Finance and Management CID Budget mtg.
  • Nov 15 - 19 COP St. Louis
  • Nov 20 9:30 am LWML Mission Grant Review Mtg. CID Office
  • Nov 22 9 am Our Redeemer, Jacksonville preach and Bible Class
  • Nov 23 1:30 pm Teggatz Pre-Seminary Interview
  • Nov 24 9 am CID BOD
  • Nov 26 Thanksgiving Day CID OFFICE Closed
  • Nov 27 CID Office Closed
  • Nov 28 6 pm St. John Chatham preach
  • Nov 29 9 am St. John Chatham preach and Bible Class

NOTE: During this time of illness most face-to-face events are cancelled but someone will be available in the CID office to answer your questions and concerns.