President's Page

Official Notices

Vacancies (31 total, 21 actively calling or on temporary hold)

  • Ash Grove, St. John/Cissna Park, Trinity - Rev. Timothy Hahn accepted a call to Immanuel, Haxtun, CO and his last Sunday was September 12, 2021.  They extended a call to Rev. Jacob Stuenkel of Napoleon, OH and after deliberating he has declined. They are preparing to issue another call.
  • Bloomington, Our Redeemer - Rev. Peter Weeks has accepted a call to Carbondale.  A call list has been sent to them.  They have extended a call to Rev. James Voorman of New Haven IN. He has declined. They are preparing to issue a new call.
  • Bluffs, Trinity/Winchester, Christ - The Rev. Richard Harre is serving this dual parish in their vacancy.
  • Casey, Trinity/Robinson, Redeemer - The Rev. Steven Becker is assisting in the vacancy.  They have called Rev. Adrian Piazza, a candidate from Indiana, and he is deliberating.
  • Chenoa, St. Paul - Pastor Jeremy Latzke accepted a call to St. John, Algonquin IL (NID).  Pulpit supply is being rendered by Rev. Kyle Ronchetto of Lexington.  A Pre-call Meeting was held and the office has their congregational self-study survey. They have their list of names and have extended a call to Rev. Bob Zagore (Candidate). He has declined.
  • Effingham, St. John's  - Calling an associate pastor. They have completed their self-study and just submitted their nominations. They are awaiting their initial call list from the District Office.
  • Hoopeston, Good Shepherd/Idaville, Immanuel - The Rev. David Putz of IN is serving this dual parish in their vacancy.
  • Jacksonville, Salem  - Pastor William Orr took a call to Hope, St. Ann, MO and departed at the end of May.  Pastor Peter Brechbuhl is serving the vacancy.  They have received their initial call list and are preparing to issue a call.
  • Loda, Immanuel - has been vacant since their pastor, Rev. David Allen, was called to glory.  They are currently being served by Rev. Earl Kinnee.
  • Louisville, St. John - The Rev. Stephan Rutherford has accepted a call to Lincoln, MO. The congregation is preparing for pastor's departure on February 12. A pre-call meeting has been scheduled for January 18.
  • Macomb, Immanuel and Student Center - The Rev. Tom Baker of MO is serving during the vacancy.  They have received an additional list of names and have issued a call to Rev. Kurt Cockran of Basehor, KS. He is deliberating.
  • Manito, St. Paul - Pastor Batchelor retired as of November 7. They are being served by Rev. Mark Drews in their vacancy. They have completed their congregational self-study, submitted their nominations, and received their call list. They are preparing to issue a call.
  • Mason City, Christ/New Holland, Zion - Rev. John Johnson has retired as of Jan 31.  The vacancy is being covered by Rev. Wray Offerman of Decatur.  They have formed a dual parish with Zion, New Holland.  They have submitted self-study surveys.  They have received a list of names and are preparing to issue a call.
  • Monticello, Faith - The Rev. Terry Strom has announced his retirement effective July 16. They are considering calling a seminary candidate.
  • New Berlin, St. John - Pastor Benning has accepted the call to Trinity, Nashville, IL.  The vacancy has been set up with Rev. Martin Kaufmann serving together with various pastors providing pulpit supply.  They have received a list of additional names and have called Rev. Jeffrey Dock of Trinity/Good Shepherd - Louisiana/Bowling Green. He has declined.
  • Newton, Good Shepherd - Rev. Michael Seidenstricker retired at the end of 2016.  A Pre-call meeting was held on April 3, 2018.  The congregational self-study has been received.  They are being served by Rev. Earl Brown of Effingham.
  • Pana, St. Paul - Pastor O'Brien retired at the end of September. President Mohr has conducted the Pre-Call Meeting, and their self-study has been received. They have received a list of names and are preparing to issue a call.
  • Peru, Redeemer - Rev. Michael John Neugebauer (NID) and Rev. Bud Hagen (CID-Emeritus) are providing pastoral coverage for this small congregation.
  • Pittsfield, St. Paul -They had been served in vacancy by Prof. Abjar Bahkou of Concordia St. Louis, but his additional duties at the Seminary are causing the congregation to look for a different vacancy pastor.
  • Quincy, St. James - Pastor Fieberkorn accepted a call to St. Charles MO.  Vicar Matthew Riley has been assigned to this congregation.  This is a convertible vicarage which means that after a year of internship his vicarage can become a call to St. James.
  • Rushville, St. John/Mt. Sterling, First - are vacant with the retirement of Rev. Joseph Eckman who has moved to Florida.  Rev. Tom Baker is helping out with pulpit supply.
  • Salem, Salem - Rev. Michael Feldmann, their previous associate pastor, has accepted the call to become Senior pastor following the retirement of Rev. Doug Meyer. They received a call list for calling an associate pastor. They have called Rev. Sam Fink of Orchard Park, NY. He has declined. They have conducted their second round of interviews and are preparing to issue a call.
  • Shumway, Faith - Pastor Rensner accepted a call to South Dakota.  Pastor Jerry Bagwell, EM, of Effingham is covering the vacancy. They have received additional names and are preparing to issue a call.
  • Springfield, Concordia - Pastor James Hennig has accepted a call to Trinity, Centralia (SID).  Pastor Koschmann is serving the vacancy.  President Mohr met in a pre-call meeting with the elders. They are gathering nominations and preparing their congregational self study.
  • Springfield, Holy Trinity - They are currently being served in their vacancy by Rev. Michael Koschmann.
  • Springfield, Trinity - They are looking for an Associate Pastor. After several attempts to call from the field, they are in the process of raising up one of their own as an SMP Associate Pastor. They have voted also to request a seminary candidate.
  •  Taylorville, Trinity - The Rev. Rodney Blomquist has retired as of Dec 31, 2020.  A Call meeting was held on Nov. 10th.  They submitted a call for a candidate from the seminary and did not receive one.  They are asking for more names.  They have received additional names. They have called Rev. Brian Johnston of Janesville, MN. He has accepted and was installed on December 18.
  • Thawville, St. Peter - They are presently receiving pulpit supply through Rev. Earl Kinnee.
  • Holy Cross, Vandalia - Rev. Michael Mohr was elected District President in July. They modified his call to a pastor in an assisting capacity and are in the process of calling a full time pastor. They have submitted their nominations, received a call list, and are preparing to issue a call.
  • Warsaw, Concordia/Bowen, St. Paul - The Rev. Marcus Gauss is serving this dual parish in their vacancy.
  • Washington, Our Savior - With the departure of Rev. Thomas Heren, the congregation has been served by Rev. Michael Gallagher as intentional interim pastor. They are looking to start the calling process early in 2023.

CID 2022 Vicars/Candidates Placed

  • Candidate Emmett Bartens [CTSFW], Good Shepherd, Newton, to Bethany, Naperville, IL (NID)
  • Candidate William Fredstrom [CSL], Christ, Normal to Associate Pastor Immanuel, Seymour, IN (IN)
  • Vicar Brandon Sullivan [CTSFW], Our Redeemer, Eureka to Zion, Imperial, NE (NEB)
  • Candidate Christopher Walters [CTSFW], Trinity, Peoria to Christ/Zion, Bouton/Ogden IA (IDW) 

CID Vicarage Assignments 2022-2023

  • St. John, East Moline was assigned Kyle Moellenhoff [CSL] and will begin his duties this summer 2021, working with the Rev. Kent Umbarger.  At Holy Cross, Moline , working under the supervision of the Rev. Dr. Wilfred Karsten, James Martin (Amanda)[CTSFW] from Christ, Normal, will begin his vicarage the summer of 2022 as Holy Cross' 53rd vicar.  Mt. Calvary, Decatur is getting its first vicar to work under the mentorship of Rev. Brett Hinrichs and he is Nathan Nelson [CSL].  The Lord be with you all as you serve and learn.
  • Thanks to vicars Jonathan Lackey and Carl Petzold for their service rendered during the 21-22 school year.  In the next couple of months they will be preparing for their return to seminary for their last year of school.  We wish them God's blessing!

Calls Pending

  • Rev. Stephen Rutherford of St. John's - Louisville had received a call to Zion and Immanuel Lutheran Churches in Lincoln, MO and has accepted. His last Sunday will be February 12.
  • Rev. Michael Liese of St. Paul - Brimfield had received a call to St. Luke and Our Savior Lutheran Churches in Rensselaer, IN and has declined.

Pastoral Changes

  • Rev. Thomas Batchelor has transferred his membership to Iowa District East.


  • Rev. Glenn Niemann has renal cell carcinoma and was placed on Emeritus status some time ago.

President's Calendar 

  • Jan 1 - Preach at Vandalia
  • Jan 2 - CID Office Closed
  • Jan 7 - Small Church Summit
  • Jan 14-15 - Preach at Buckley
  • Jan 19-21 - Y4Life Conference
  • Jan 24 - CID Board of Directors
  • Jan 26 - LuHi Chapel
  • Jan 28 - LLL Meeting
  • Feb 5 - Preach at Vandalia
  • Feb 5-9 - COP Meeting in St. Louis
  • Feb 16 - Circuit Visitor Meeting
  • Feb 17 - Endowment Fund Meeting
  • Feb. 20 - Presidents' Day (CID Office Closed)
  • Feb. 22 - Ash Wednesday
  • Feb 28 - LWML Board of Directors