The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod has begun to release a series of revitalization workshops called reVitality.


The Connect to Disciple outreach workshop heads a series of 10 re:Vitality workshops for congregational revitalization.

Its basic aim is to help a congregation lead people from their initial connection with the church and its members to discipleship, being gathered around the Lord’s Word and Sacraments with the rest of the congregation – hence, the name Connect to Disciple. This workshop introduces a planning tool called the “outreach funnel,” which can help a congregation assess existing outreach events and develop new ones.

Revitalization is doing what we do because we are the Church. re:Vitality helps us do it better.

Before your church has the workshop, the Synod’s Office of National Mission will ask you to take a Congregational Assessment of Development/Decline Status (CAD/DS) survey. It consists of about 100 statements, to which participants respond with answers ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” Their answers, registered online, are fed into a computer which generates a report that amounts to a “snapshot” of congregational strengths and weaknesses.

The CAD/DS survey is part of the Synod’s re:Vitality process, but a congregation can take the survey without committing to any of the re:Vitality workshops such as Connect to Disciple. That is, the survey is no-obligation. It is also no-cost!

The Synod’s Office of National Mission has in preparation additional re:Vitality workshops such as “Serving in God’s Mission” (strategic planning), “Shepherding our Strays” (inactive members), and “Members of One Body” (assimilation).  Six additional workshops beyond these are on the drawing board.

Connect to Disciple is available now. For more on it or the CAD/DS survey, please get in touch with Dr. Ken Schurb in the District office.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Ken Schurb
LCMS Central Illinois District
1850 N. Grand Avenue West
Springfield, IL 62702-1626
(217) 793-1802