Synod's 175th Anniversary

On April 26, 1847, representatives of a few congregations signed the constitution of a new church body, the German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and Other States, since re-named “The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.” The Central Illinois District is one of 35 Districts nationwide into which our Synod has divided its members.

Anniversary Sermon

President Matthew Harrison preached a sermon for the 175th anniversary. It is called “Only Jesus.”

This sermon is available for you to listen to or to read. Follow the link below.

Anniversary Sermon

Anniversary Hymn

In observing the anniversary this year, congregations may find useful a hymn written some 50 years ago, for the celebration — at that time — of the Synod’s 125th anniversary. The hymn’s words were authored by Dr. W. Harry Krieger. Its melody is the same as for the sprightly Epiphany hymn, “O God of God, O Light of Light.” You can link to a version of the hymn all set to be run as a half-page bulletin insert below.

Anniversary Hymn from 1972

Anniversary Essay

We also offer a short essay, “175th Anniversary Reflections.” This essay’s theme is that the reasons why the Synod was formed 175 years ago remain the reasons it should continue to exist today. It can be printed out on the front and back of a sheet of paper, and serve as a resource for discussions in Bible classes and elsewhere. You can find it below.

"175th Anniversary Reflections" Essay

Resources from the national Synod

For a Bible study, worship helps, a brand-new anniversary hymn, and more material as this year unfolds, go to


The Synod exists so individual churches in Holy Spirit-created fellowship with one another can encourage and even correct each other as together we hold fast to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions and hold out their Gospel-centered message before others.