Prison Ministry

The District has many people in our congregations who are involved in volunteer jail and prison ministry. We also have two workers employed by the District part-time to conduct Prison Ministry, the Rev. Charles Olander and the Rev. Stephen Southward. As they share Christ with prison inmates, they truly are seeing lives changed and transformed by the power of God's Word.

CID Prison Ministries

Lincoln Correctional Center, Lincoln
Logan Correctional Center, Lincoln

Rev. Charles Olander
Zion Lutheran Church
105 Logan Street, PO Box 199
New Holland, IL 62671
(217) 445-2264

Pittsfield Work Camp, Pittsfield
Western Correctional Center, Mt. Sterling

Rev. Stephen Southward
301 South Walnut St. 
Pittsfield, IL  62363
(217) 653-3040

For more information on missions, contact:

Dr. Ken Schurb, Missions Executive
LCMS Central Illinois District
1850 N. Grand Avenue West
Springfield, IL 62702-1626
(217) 793-1802



For the Lord hears the needy and does not despise his own people who are prisoners. Psalm 69:33