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Rev. Mark A. Miller, President

Official Notices

Vacancies (22 total, 17 actively calling)
  • Bowen/Warsaw, St. Paul/Concordia - have formed a dual parish and will jointly be seeking a new pastor.  A Pre-call meeting was held on Jan. 10, 2019.  Pastor Dumer is serving Warsaw as vacancy, and Pastor Kendall Meyer serves Bowen as vacancy.  Pastor Mark Jauss of MO will be taking over vacancy responsibilities at the beginning of September.
  • Champaign, University - In anticipation of Pastor Milas' retirement, they have extended a call to Rev. Chad Smith of Ft. Wayne, IN and he has declined.  A call was extended to Rev. Adam Jacobsen of Mattoon, IL and teh call has been returned.
  • Chatham, St. John - Rev. Clarence Rogers has announced his retirement on October 1st and a Pre-Call mtg was held on April 24th .  They have turned in their self-study and a call list has been sent to them.
  • Casey/Robinson, Trinity/Redeemer - Rev. Matthew Jukola resigned.  A Pre-call Meeting was held at Trinity on Nov. 7 at 7 pm.  Their congregation self-study has been completed and received in the district office.  The Rev. Tom Baker is assisting in the vacancy.
  • Coal Valley, Trinity - Pastor Hagen has retired as of Dec 31st.  A Pre-Call meeting was held on Nov. 28, 2018.  A self-study has been received and a call list has been sent to them.  They have extended a call to Rev. David Anderson of Beautiful Savior, Colona and he is deliberating.
  • Danville, Immanuel - a Pre-Call mtg was held on June 13th and awaiting their Congregational Self-Study before a call list can be worked on.
  • Dieterich/Wheeler - St. Paul/St. John - Rev. Stephen Gillet took a call to Tomahawk WI and a Pre-call meeting was held at St. Paul on Oct. 23.  A call list has been sent to them.  They have extended a call to the Rev. Daniel Speckhard of SID and he has declined.
  • East Peoria, St. Peter - Rev. Kurt Mews has accepted a call and has departed.  A Pre-Call mtg was held on March 12th.   Their congregational self-study has been received and the process to assemble a call list can begin.
  • Effingham, St. John - Pastor Ted Gall stepped aside and became Associate Pastor in order for the congregation to call a new Senior.  Pastor Gall has now retired as of July 1st.  A call was extended to Rev. Michael Burdick of Immanuel, Macomb and he has accepted. 
  • Lexington, St. Paul - Rev. David Ehlers has announced his retirement and they are beginning the call process.  A Pre-Call mtg was held on April 15th.  The Self-study is on file and a call list has now been sent to them.
  • Lincoln, Faith - Rev. Mark Peters has announced his upcoming retirement in September and a Pre-Call mtg was held on April 8th.  Awaiting their congregational self-study before a call list can be assembled. 
  • Loda, Immanuel - has been vacant since their pastor, Rev. David Allen, was called to glory.  They are currently being served by Rev. Earl Kinnee.
  • Milan, St. Matthew - They extended a call to Rev. Caleb Kruse of Elkhorn, NE and he has declined.   A new call list has been sent to them.
  • Newton, Good Shepherd - Rev. Michael Seidenstricker has retired as of the end of 2016.  A Pre-call meeting was held on April 3, 2018.  The congregational self-study has been received.  They are being served by Rev. Earl Brown of Effingham.
  • Rushville, St. John/Mt. Sterling, First - are vacant with the retirement of Rev. Joseph Eckman who has moved to Florida.  Rev. Tom Baker is helping out with pulpit supply.
  • San Jose/Delavan, St. Luke/Christ - EM Rev. Dr. Rodger Abatie is vacancy pastor.  They extended a call to Rev. Alex Post of the IDE and he has returned the call.  A new call list has been sent to them.  They have now called the Rev. Jeffrey Siegel of Des Moines, IA and he has accepted.
  • Shobonier, Immanuel (Augsburg) - Rev. Joshua Frazee has accepted a call to Mayfield WI.  A Pre-Call mtg was held with the leadership on May 22.  Their self-study and candidate nominations have been received.  A call list has been sent to them.
  • Strasburg, Grace – Is vacant with Pastor Mohr accepting the call to Holy Cross, Vandalia.  The congregational self-study has been received and a call list can now be assembled.  They have discussed and signed an agreement for mutual ministry with St. Paul, Strasburg.  A call list is being prepared
  • Thawville, St. Peter - They are presently receiving pulpit supply through Rev. Earl Kinnee.
  • Thomasboro, Peace - Rev. Larry Bell has accepted a call to Shepherd of the Pines [English District] in Payson, AZ.  A Pre-Call meeting was held there on Nov. 5th.  A call list has been sent to them.  They extended a call to the Rev. Ryan Taylor of NEB and he has declined.  They are in need of a new call list.
  • Watseka, Calvary - a Pre-Call meeting was held there on Oct. 10th.  They completed their Self-Study.  A call list has been sent to them.  At a call meeting on June 11 a call was extended to Rev. Phillip Hoppe of MN and he has declined.  They are seeking a new call list.

CID Vicars/Candidates placed:

  • Candidate Richard "Adam" Bridgman [CSL] of Trinity, Springfield, to Associate, Faith, Appleton, WI.  He was ordained at his home congregation on June 16th at a 3 pm service.
  • Candidate Julian LaMie [CSL], of St. Paul, Woodworth to St. John, Beecher, IL.
  • Candidate Luke Scheele [CSL], St. John, Champaign, to Trinity, Cortez, CO
  • Candidate William G. "Jerry" Smith Jr. [CTSFW] Redeemer, Peoria to Trinity, Appleton City, MO
  • Vicar Norlen Bartens [CTSFW], Good Shepherd, Newton, to Grace/Trinity, Neligh/Elgin NE  
CID Vicarage Assignments 2019-2020
  • A vicar has been assigned for assisting the work being done in Beardstown among the Hispanic/Latino community through St. John.  This summer Tyler McMiller [CTSFW] will begin his service for the 2019-2020 school year.  St. John, East Moline was assigned David Ahn [CSL] and will begin his duties this summer 2019, working with the Rev. Kent Umbarger.  At Holy Cross, Moline , working under the supervision of the Rev. Dr. Wilfred Karsten, Paul Marks [CTSFW] began his vicarage the summer of 2019 as Holy Cross' 50th vicar.  Our Savior, Washington has received a vicar, Timothy Evans, [CSL] who will begin his service this summer 2019.  We will bid God's peace to Gino Marchetti IIIChris Biar, Alexander Blanken, as they return this summer to complete their final academic year at the seminary.  

Calls Pending

  • Rev. Phil Doublestein - Associate, Redeemer, Peoria is contemplating a call from TX Mission Advancement to LINC San Antonio and he has accepted.
  • Rev. Jerry Bagwell EM has received and declined a call to Newark, TX.
  • Rev. Michael Burdick - Pastor Immanuel Church and Student Center, Macomb IL has a call to St. John, Effingham and has accepted..
  • Rev. Adam Jacobsen - Pastor, St. John, Mattoon, has received a call to University Lutheran Church, Champaign, IL and has announced his decision to decline.
  • Rev. Karl Gibbs - Pastor, Our Savior, Milford, has received a call to Immanuel, Carrollton, MO and also a call to Immanuel, Lakefield, MN.
  • Rev. Mark Gruden had a call to St. Peter and St. Paul Lutheran Churches in Osseo, WI and he has declined.
  • Rev. Kendall Meyer has a call as Senior Pastor to St. Paul Lutheran Church and School, Fort Dodge, IA and is deliberating. 

Pastoral Changes


  • Rev. Glenn Niemann has renal cell carcinoma and was placed on Emeritus status.
  • Kim, daughter of Rev. Doug and Marilyn Meyer, has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer with a tumor in her brain.  She has progressed nicely and though continuing with her treatments seems to be improving.
  • Lisa, wife of Rev. James Wright, has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has been finishing chemo treatments and is presently considered cancer free.
  • Rev. Donald Stuckwisch, Emeritus of Our Savior, Milford, has had some medical issues of late that required hospitalization and he recently fell and fractured his right shoulder.  He is recuperating at home presently.  He also recently received a diagnosis of cancer.
  • Rev. Donald Pritchard, Zion, Pleasant Plains, had knee surgery again on July 30th and will spend several months recuperating.
  • Rev. Keith Pereira, Christ, Waverly, has been recuperating from a stroke and hopes to return to the pulpit soon. 
  • Rev. Dr. Herb Mueller, Synod First Vice-President - Dr. Mueller was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and underwent surgery on May 8 to remove most of the tumor. The tumor will then be analyzed to determine the treatment plan going forward. UPDATE: surgery was successful, with 95% of the tumor removed (better than originally hoped). Please continue to be in prayer for Herb, his wife Faith and family as the nature of the tumor is analyzed and a treatment plan is developed.  Latest reports are that all is going well under the circumstances for Dr. Mueller.  He will begin treatment on June 20th.  He has doing well through the treatments and progress has been observed.
  • Rev. Richard Benke, EM, of Bethel, Morton was called home to be with His Lord on July 21st. Services were held at Bethel on July 30th.  "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord!"

President's Calendar

  • July 4 Independence Day CID Office CLOSED
  • July 5 President takes a Vacation Day
  • July 7 10 am preach St. Paul Brimfield
  • July 12 10:30 am CID Scholarship Committee mtg
  • July 14 9 am preach Our Savior Milford and Bible Class
  • July 16  9 am LWML CID Board mtg Camp CILCA
  • July 17 - 26 LCMS Convention Tampa FL
  • July 28 Rick Milas retires ULC Champaign


  • Aug 6 2 pm CID Archives Board CID Office
  • Aug 13 8:30 am Lutheran High Prayer Breakfast
  • Aug 16 12 noon CID Endowment Board of Trustees
  • Aug 18 St. John Champaign preaching and Bible Class
  • Aug 20 St. John Buckley
  • Aug 22 12 noon Lunch CID CEF Board of Trustees
  • Aug 23 1:30 pm Pre-Seminary Interview James Martin
  • Aug 25 9 am Calvary Watseka preach
  • Aug 27 CID Missions Commission
  • Aug 28 10 am Herb Mueller retirement IC Chapel 
  • Aug 29 9:30 am CID Circuit Visitors mtg. 



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