Christian Stewardship is the free and joyous activity of the child of God and God’s family, the church, in managing life and all of life’s resources for God’s purposes. (LCMS definition)

Bring Giving Home

“Bring Giving Home” is a stewardship and mission education emphasis unfolding in CID during 2019 and 2020. It begins with the May, 2019 District Pastors’ Conference on Stewardship.

In fall, 2019, there will be a weekday evening workshop in each of CID’s 17 circuits. Pastors and lay leaders from circuit churches will gather at a particular church in the circuit for an evening meal, followed by a couple of hours of presentation and discussion. (If you cannot make it to the workshop in your circuit, by all means attend another!) At the workshop, pastors and lay leaders will be challenged and encouraged to unfold a stewardship emphasis in their congregations during 2020.

Below is the schedule of dates and circuits for fall, 2019. Please take note of the workshop date for your circuit, and save it!

2019 Workshop Schedule (Updated 1/3/19)

Date Circuit Date Circuit
September 3 Altamont October 21 Shelby
September 9 Effingham October 22 Decatur
September 10 Mattoon October 28 Bloomington North
September 23 Springfield East October 29 Bloomington South
September 24 Springfield West November 4 Peoria
September 30 Rock Island November 5 Tazewell
October 1 Quincy November 11 Jacksonville
October 14 Iroquois November 12 Lincoln
October 15 Champaign  

During 2020, President Mark Miller and Stewardship Executive Ken Schurb will place a priority on preaching, as invited, in CID churches that request sermons and Bible classes related to Stewardship. Dr. Schurb is available throughout 2019 and 2020 for church consultations. 

The Church Extension Fund has generously granted CID funding for “Bring Giving Home.” The entire District owes CEF thanks for timely and valuable assistance with this project. 

Please pray for CID’s efforts to “Bring Giving Home.” And watch for additional information as it becomes available.


LCMS National Stewardship Resources

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s Office of National Mission offers a number of Stewardship resources at its website. You will find all manner of items, from writings for immediate use in church newsletters and bulletins to entire books for pastors and laypeople. Check these resources out:


CID Stewardship Resources

"Following God's Financial Counsel"

A Three-week Sermon and Bible Study Series on Faith and Finances. How we handle money is important to God. Use this wonderful resource to help your members Following God’s Financial Counsel.

> Download "Following God's Financial Counsel"

No password/user name needed. For free use for congregations of the CID LCMS. All others contact Stewardship Advisors, 248-644-6150, for purchase of permission.


"Disciples Living As Grace-Filled Stewards", 2017 Program for CID Churches

Making stewardship an intentional part of discipleship. A complete program for a Four-week Stewardship Emphasis.

> Download "Disciples Living As Grace-Filled Stewards"

No password/user name needed. For free use for congregations of the CID LCMS. All others contact Stewardship Advisors, 248-644-6150, for purchase of permission.


"Stewards Transformed by Grace, Faith, and Love"

The three-week stewardship program, "Stewards Transformed by Grace, Faith, and Love" by Ron and Phyllis Chewning, is available free to CID congregations. The program includes Bible studies, devotional material, sermons, newsletter/bulletin blurbs, articles, and more.

> Download "Stewards Transformed by Grace, Faith, and Love"

No password/user name needed. For free use for congregations of the CID LCMS. All others contact Stewardship Advisors, 248-644-6150, for purchase of permission.


"With a Grateful Heart"

"With a Grateful Heart" is a video based stewardship program which was produced by synod's department of stewardship in 1997. The real life approach of the video, filled with humor and human insight, provides a winsome approach to the subject of Christian stewardship. It covers multiple aspects of whole-life stewardship as demonstrated in the drama of a family and a congregation who seek to live out their lives under God's grace with grateful hearts. Included with this program are two possible ready to use approaches that have been implemented with great success by one of our congregations. Both programs include organizational notes, sample letters, scripts, and pledge cards. Please feel free to use and adapt this material to suit your congregation's individual needs.

> Download "With A Grateful Heart"


LCMS Stewardship Resources available at:


Stewardship Commission of the Central Illinois District

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