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A Million Dollar Match

Starting in 2022, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) will offer $1 million in matching grants. These funds will help the Synod’s member congregations to support various local pro-life efforts, both big and small. 

The people of the LCMS love children and families. Through many acts of mercy in their communities, we demonstrate this love. The $1 million match will mobilize still more love in action.

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Fall Book Study: "The Modern Self" by Carl Trueman

It’s a different world! People think differently. That leads to different kinds of actions.

 The drive toward self-expression is strong. People are constantly reinventing themselves. The self has been psychologized, psychology has been sexualized, and sex is politicized. This is the mind-set to which the church addresses herself with the Gospel today.

 Yet none of this is completely new. Much of it has been brewing for years.

This fall, on a series of Wednesdays (October 20 and November 3 and 17) at 3:00 in the afternoon, CID Evangelism Executive Ken Schurb will make one-hour presentations via Zoom based on a recent book by Carl Trueman, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self. This book goes back to the late 18th century to trace the beginnings of our present expressively individual and therapeutic culture. The sessions of this book study will include evaluations of the ideas covered, in terms of the catechism. Book is available for purchase wherever books are sold. For your convenience, click here to purchase via Amazon.

Join us via zoom for these sessions. Register by clicking here to receive Zoom links and other information via email. 


LERT Basic Training Event

(None scheduled at this time)

Please join us for the Lutheran Early Response Team volunteer training program.  Together we will walk through a simple training program designed to help you serve as a trained Christian volunteer when a disaster strikes and to help your family and congregation to be prepared for disasters.  This training is part of a Synod-wide disaster response program, facilitated by a network of District Disaster Response Coordinators and Teams, under the direction of LCMS Disaster Response.  After the program, you will receive a completion card credential and a T-shirt.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Registrations must be received by two weeks prior to the training day to ensure a shirt at the time of the class photo.  Registrations received after that date will have shirts sent with the credential card.

In the chaos of disaster, it's important to stay focused on the task at hand.  This training will help you focus on the most important thing to remember as you prepare for or to respond to a disaster in your community or beyond.  At the center of our LERT Volunteer training is one thing:  MERCY!  Christ's mercy is the basis for everything we say and do.  This 6-hour training event will equip you to be an effective volunteer should a disaster strike your community.  After a brief introduction regarding the goals and theological rationale of LCM Disaster Response, the LERT volunteer training will address the following:  

  • Christian care in times of disaster
  • A Ministry of presence
  • The LERT Program and how it works with other responders
  • Introduction to Disaster Response
  • At the work site:  Debris clean up, tarp and patch, flood and mud clean up, chainsaw safety, and necessary paperwork.

Cost for the day is $35, which includes light breakfast, lunch, book/materials, t-shirt, and credential card.  If you are repeating the session we ask that you contribute $15 if you need a new book and t-shirt to help defray the costs.


LERT Chainsaw Training Event

(None scheduled at this time)

Welcome to the ADVANCED CHAINSAW volunteer training program provided by the Central Illinois District – LCMS. In order to attend this course, you MUST have completed the six hour Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) basic training.

This eight hour event will consist of an instructional and operational based training. Once certified in chainsaw disaster applications, you will be equipped to be an effective chainsaw volunteer should a disaster strike your community.

You will be required to bring hearing protection, eye protection, helmet, chaps, leather gloves, leather steel toe boots, chainsaw, bar oil, and fuel. If you do not have these items, we will provide them for you at the time of the training.

The cost is $35.00, which includes breakfast, lunch, manual, and certification.

Bring your LERT disaster response vest and your LERT I.D. certification badge.


Video Resources

Video/Commercial - Spread the Good News of Jesus’ birth on your congregation’s website, Facebook page, Local TV/Radio station, etc. This high resolution file can be sent to you from the CID office. You can see this video on the CID website ( under theVideo Resources Tab.