57th Regular Convention Updates

July 8, 2012

Sunday Evening Worship

The 57th Regular Convention for the LCMS Central Illinois District, The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod opened Sunday evening with a powerful worship service hosted by Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Sherman. The opening choir anthem, accompanied by trumpet, boldly proclaimed that God is Our Refuge and Strength. Over 300 voices then joined together to praise and acknowledge our God as Lord everlasting. Throughout the worship service; during hymns, liturgy, and prayer, the sanctuary was filled with a unified chorus that resounded with the heavy bass which reflected the large number of male voices present.

National LCMS President Dr. Matthew C. Harrison gives communion to Pastors and lay persons at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Sherman, Illinois.

The message was delivered by the Synodical President, the Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison. He preached on the convention’s theme of, “Scripture Alone, Grace Alone, and Faith Alone”. More specifically, he reminded all present of the importance of ‘Pointing to Christ’. Through scripture alone, the law points for the need for Christ and the gospel points to what Christ has done for us. The Rev. Dr. Harrison pointed to Ephesians 2:8 and the fact that by grace alone, we have been saved through faith—none of it our own doing. Likewise, by faith alone we grab onto Christ’s work and his gifts. He concluded by urging all to continue to point to Christ with the Gospel for all in this world to see.

A time of fellowship followed the worship service. The business portion of the convention begins at 8 am on Monday, July 9. Updates will follow.

July 9, 2012

David H. Goldhammer Award

Merle Glick has been awarded the 2012 David H. Goldhammer Award for outstanding service to the CID Church Extension Fund (CEF).

This award is to recognize those who have made extraordinary contributions to church extension.  This year's winner, as district treasurer was also responsible for the district "Savings and Loan Fund" and began those duties in 1960.  From his basement and with the help of his wife, he managed all the church contributions to district and the many member investments in the fund.  This was done with a hand crank adding machine and a manual typewriter.

While this was a volunteer position, it actually compared to a full time employment and Mr. Glick was employed full time while completing this volunteer work, which lasted for six years.

Fifty years ago, the church extension fund was quite small compared to what it is today. However, our recipient was heard to say, “The money just keeps rollin’ in.” CEF has grown from very modest beginnings to a fund today of over $40 million. With the help of God and this faithful servant, the seeds were planted and nourished.

The winner of the 2012 David H. Goldhammer award for outstanding service is Merle Glick.

Merle Glick (center) from Trinity Lutheran Church in Pekin, receives award for years of voluntary service from Dave Rohe (left), Executive Director of the CID Church Extension Fund, and Kim Kleinschmidt, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for CEF.

Convention Recognizes Outstanding Volunteer Sunday School Teachers

Glenn Goeres, speaking on behalf of the Parish Education Committee, presented to the Convention the recipients of the Outstanding Volunteer Sunday School Teacher award for the past three years.

The 2010 Awardee: Debra Snyder of Our Redeemer, Eureka
Debra has served in the field of education at Our Redeemer for over 30years, helping her pastor develop a curriculum for confirmation age students. She has worked with struggling students on a one-on-one basis during the week. Her nominator states, “She demonstrates a passion for the Word of God, as well as devotion and dedication to the Christian education of our youth.”

The 2011 Awardee: Jeri Bidner of Immanuel Lutheran, Osman
Jeri’s nominators share that “She has taught with great patience over five decades of little ones how they are saved by grace through faith. Her interest in her preschool aged students does not stop once they move onto other classes. She takes time to communicate with them as they continue to grow in God’s Word.”

The 2012 Awardee: Patty Henschen of Concordia, Springfield
Patty has taught for over four decades, 16 of those at Concordia. She teaches Sunday School to a special group of people from the Bethesda home, some of them have become members of Concordia as a result of Patty’s efforts. One nominator shared, “Through the Holy Spirit God equips us with everything we need to do His work. Patty has demonstrated through the years this quiet Spirit, these fruits, as she has taught God’s Word to her students. Her dedication to her students is amazing…working with them in her class, sitting with them during church services, assisting the members going up for communion, and visiting them when they are sick. She truly loves her students and they love to come and be a part of her class and learn of the love of God with her.”

Election of CID President

The first election of the convention was for District President. The four nominees were Rev. David Bueltmann (incumbent), Rev. Mark Miller, Rev. Dr. Daniel Olson, and Rev. Donald Prichard. After a third ballot, a majority was attained. The Rev. Mark A. Miller (pictured below) was elected as the 16th President of the Central Illinois District.

A standing ovation was given in thanks for Rev. Bueltmann’s many years of service. To God be the Glory.

Convention attendees give a standing ovation to outgoing President David Bueltmann after serving for 17 years as the District's president.


Vice President of CID — East Region
Nominations: Daniel Olson, Terry Strom, Kent Tibben
After 2 ballots: Rev. Kent Tibben was elected.

Vice President of CID — West Region
Nominations: Daniel Bishop, Mark Eddy, and Wes Reimnitz
After 2 ballots: Rev. Daniel Bishop was elected.

The convention then chose Rev. Kent Tibben as the 1st Vice President and Rev. Daniel Bishop as 2nd Vice President for the Central Illinois District.

Secretary: Rev. Rick Milas was elected
Assistant Secretary: Rev. Michael Mohr was elected
Treasurer: Mr. John Myers, Jr. was elected
Financial Secretary: Mr. Robert Dalton was elected

Board of Directors: Clergy
Elected: Rev. Daniel Olson, Rev. Donald Pritchard, Rev. Bruce Scarbeary, and Rev. James Wright

Board of Directors: Teachers
Elected: Mr. Daniel Cluver and Mr. Paul Thompson

Board of Directors: Laymen
Elected: Mr. Wayne Dietrich, Mr. Matt Puttman, Mr. Harold Olsen, and Mr. Ray Stuckemeyer

Newly elected District officers left to right Vice President Rev. Daniel Bishop, President Rev. Mark Miller, and Vice President Rev. Kent Tibben.

Resolutions from Witness Committee:

Resolution: To require uniformity of practice with regard to Word and Sacramental ministry
Resolved that the CID in convention memorialize the Synod to develop a plan so that all men who are currently engaged in Word and Sacrament ministry without being publicly called to or placed in the office of the ministry, be enrolled in the Special Ministry Program (SMP) or cease from all forms of Word and Sacrament ministry by the end of 2019. Likewise that the men enrolled in the SMP be called “deacons”, not pastors, until they fully complete the SMP program.
Passed:      Yes: 199      No: 22

Resolution: To affirm the God-given Form of Marriage
Let it be resolved that the CID affirms all that God’s Word says about marriage, sexual activity, and child rearing. Further, that it is resolved that CID commend Catholic Charities of Illinois for refusing to certify couples who are “living in sin” to be foster parents and encourage other Christian agencies to do the same that children can be raised in the type of family which God created and condones. Likewise, that this resolution be forwarded to the Governor of Illinois, the Legislature, administrators of the social service agencies, and the President of the United States.
Passed:      Yes: 223      No: 2

Resolution: To oppose HHS mandate
Summary: Let it be resolved that the CID in convention express its opposition to the HHS mandate and petition the United States Senators from Illinois to oppose the HHS mandate and introduce/support legislation prohibiting it. Likewise, that the laity and church workers of CID also be encouraged to oppose the HHS mandate and communicate their opposition to their congressional representatives.
Passed:      Yes: 212      No 1

Resolution: To encourage all CID congregations to receive the district visitors for the fall 2012 through 2013 Every Congregation Visit
Summary: Let it be resolved that the congregations of CID be encouraged to receive the district visitors graciously when they come to visit.
Passed:      Yes: 183      No 20

Resolution: To promote Biblical stewardship and resources throughout the CID.
Summary: Let it be resolved the CID identify programs which promote Christian Stewardship, encourage and educate congregation members, and encourage CID members to give of their time, talents and treasures.
Passed:      Yes 191      No 13

Resolution: To adopt campus ministry as a mission and ministry emphasis.
Summary: Let it be resolved that the Synod adopt Campus Ministry as one of its Mission and Ministry Emphases for the next triennium.
Passed:      Yes: 200      No 10

Resolutions from the Life Together Committee

Resolution: To amend synod bylaw concerning the Commission on Constitutional matters (R 12-03-01)
Summary: The resolution clarified how the commission would examine previously submitted amendments and how amendments are submitted to the commission for review. See resolution R 12-03-01 on paged-19 for details.
Passed:      Yes: 208      No: 7

Resolution: To amend the constitution of the Central Illinois District LCMS (R 12-03-02)
Summary: See resolution R 12-03-02 on page D-20 for punctuation changes.
Passed:      Yes: 208      No: 8

Resolution: To amend the bylaws of the CID (R 12-03-03)
Summary: See resolution R 12-03-03 on pages D-21 through for punctuation, grammatical, and formatting changes.
Passed:      Yes: 208      No: 9

Resolution: To set limitation of terms for the Praesidium (R 12-03-04) pg. D-37
Summary: That the CID limits the district praesidium (district president and vice-presidents) to three (3) three-year terms, totaling 9 years. Likewise, that the term limitations go into effect as of the beginning of the time of service for all officers following the 2015 district convention.
Passed:      Yes: 116      No: 113

After the vote, questions arose regarding the need for a simple majority or 2/3 majority in order for this resolution to pass. It was revealed that a simple majority was sufficient. The narrow margin between the two options the resulted in a motion to rescind this resolution. The motion to rescind the resolution was defeated and the resolution remained approved.

Other Business

Presentation of Convention Essay

Bible Study led by Synod President Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison

Question & Answer Session
The Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison conducted a question and answer session with the delegates present at the convention. Among the topics discussed: Synodical restructuring, HHS mandate, Specific Ministry Pastor program, stewardship, Lutheran Malaria Initiative, Evangelism, and the Pastoral office.

Opening Business

The Rev. Larry D. Troxel started the day with an opening devotion. The theme was based on 1st Corinthians 1:26-2:5 and was entitled, “The Wonder of God’s Grace in Demonstrated in His Church”.

An electronic voting system was employed to help process votes and tally results. There are 226 voting delegates present. Upon approval of the quorum, the 57th regular Convention of the Central Illinois District (CID) of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod was called to order at 8:34 am by Rev. David Bueltmann (CID President).

Among the first orders of business was the ratification of the agenda and adoption of standing rules.

The Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrision (Synodical President) welcomed and blessed those who have newly entered into the ministry.

July 10, 2012

Continued Resolutions from the Life Together Committee

Resolution: To adopt Portions of the CID Handbook (R- 12-01-04)
Summary: See pages D-6 through D-10 for various changes.
Passed:      Yes: 199      No: 7

Resolution: To commend the Roman Catholic Church for its stance on religious freedoms and defense of the rights of the unborn
Summary: That the CID publicly express gratitude to the Roman Catholic Church for defending the religious freedom of God’s people and defending the sanctity of the life. Likewise standing together with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in defending 1st amendment rights in opposition to the HHS mandated.
Passed by verbal consensus.

Resolution: To embrace mission and ministry emphasis (R 12-01-03)
Summary: That the CID submit the mission and ministry emphasis of Witness, Mercy, Life Together for consideration as the continued mission and ministry emphasis for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod for the 2013-2016 Triennium.
Passed:      Yes: 199      No: 6

Motion made and seconded for the CID Convention to consider Overture 12-01-04, which would be to memorialize Synod to direct Concordia Publishing House to put the 1986 translation of Luther’s Small Catechism into the public domain.
Defeated:      Yes: 74      No: 138

The convention chose not to consider Overture at this time.

Continued Resolutions from the Mercy Committee

Resolution: To amend District bylaws VIII and X (R 12-02-05)
Summary: See pages D-14 through D-15 for various changes.
Passed:      Yes: 197      No: 4

Continued Resolutions from the Life Together Committee

Resolution: To Restore balance to the composition of the LCMS Board of Directors. (R 12-03-05)
Summary: That the CID memorialize the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in convention to amend bylaws so that the membership to the Board of Directors would be changed in following ways: four minister of religion (instead of 2)-ordained elected at-large by the Synod in convention. Also that two laypersons elected at large by the Synod be deleted.
Passed:      Yes: 153      No: 43

Resolution: To give thanks for Family Life Committee (R 12-03-07)
Summary: Be it resolved that the CID give thanks to God for the work of the Family Life Committee in fulfilling the directive of the 2009 District Convention as well as thanks to the Family Life Committee for their work. Moreover, that the congregations are encouraged to make use of the resources gathered by this committee.
Passed:      Yes: 190      No: 7

Resolution: To rescind Synodical resolution 3-08A (2004 Convention)
Summary: That the congregations of CID reject the teaching/doctrine/practice of women exercising authority over man as expressed in Res. 3-08A (The Affirmation of the Conclusions of the 1994 CTCR Report: The Service of Women in Congregation and Synodical Offices), which communicates permission for women to serve in the roles of elder, chairman, and vice-chairman off a congregation. Likewise, that the CID urge the 2013 Convention of the Lutheran Church to rescind Resolution 3-08A of the 2004 Convention.
Passed:      Yes: 163      No: 36

Opening Devotion and Memorial Service

Rev. Larry Troxel opened the day’s work with a devotion based on Hebrews 13:7-8. Rev. Troxel spoke to the message, “Remember Those Who Spoke God’s Word to Us.” He reminded the Convention to imitate the faith of those who led us and came before us, for their faith points to Jesus.

Following Rev. Troxel’s devotion, Rev. Bueltmann led a time of remembrance for those pastors and commissioned minsters (teachers) who were called to Glory since the last CID Convention. We remember:

Rev. William Adam, Called to Glory on 1/24/2011
Rev. David Bessinger, June, 2012
Rev. Reinhold Dierks, 10/29/2011
Rev. Gerald Freudenburg, 2/14/2010
Rev. Ernest Gerike, 9/13/2010
Rev. Arthur Goldberger, 10/7/2011
Rev. Everett Grese, 5/12/2009
Rev. Carl Janssen, 6/11/2011
Rev. Robert Jensen, 12/7/2011
Rev. Philip Kaufmann, 7/2/2010
Rev. Donald Kirchner, 5/17/2011
Rev. Paul Koschmann, 12/21/2011
Rev. Aloyius Majewski, 12/3/2010
Rev. Edward Meyer, 1/15/2011
Rev. Glenn Renken, 12/18/2010
Rev. Erwin, Ruhlig, 6/3/2010
Mrs. Rachel Poynter, 4/28/2010
Ms. Gayle Sablotny, 12/3/2010
Mr. Ralph Nitz, 3/10/2011

Oh Lord, we praise and thank You for these servants and the their faith. We remember that their faith points to You. To You Oh Lord be all glory and praise!

LCMS Video Presentation by Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison (Synodical President)

President Harrison presented a video outlining the Synodical emphasis of “Witness, Mercy, and Life Together”. Topics within the video included:

Witness: Emphasis on missions and evangelism both within the United States and globally.

Mercy: Emphasis on disaster response and showing care and concern for God’s people within the United States and globally.

Life Together: Emphasis on living the Christian life together, including emphasis on ethnic outreach, servant events, youth ministry, campus ministry, and school ministry.

Rev. Mark Miller’s Address of Agreement to Serve

The Rev. Mark Miller (President Elect) addressed the Convention and communicated his willingness to serve the CID as its next District President. Rev. Miller pointed to Christ as our ultimate leader and also thanked Rev. Bueltmann for his service and example as District President.

Electronic GatePost Option

Rev. Roger Abatie addressed the Convention on behalf of the Communication’s Committee asking both pastors and lay delegates to communicate with their home congregation members about utilizing the availability of the Electronic GatePost. People could receive the District’s newsletter through their email. See the CID website at www.CIDLCMS.org to sign up to receive the GatePost electronically.

Additional Presentations:

The Convention also received presentations from:

  • Enoch Peterson on Turkey
  • Lutheran Malaria Initiative: lutheranmalaria.org and outreach@lutheranmalaria.org
  • Rev. David Mahsman: Wittenberg Project
  • District LWML Representative
  • District LLL Representative
  • CPH Representative

Convention Expresses Thanksgiving to Mrs. Charlotte Bueltmann

A request came from the floor to recognized Mrs. Charlotte Bueltmann for the years of support for her husband during his presidency as well as support and service to the CID. Mrs. Bueltmann received a standing ovation.

Installation of New District Officers

Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison (Synodical President) installed the new President of the CID, Rev. Mark Miller.

“I charge you in the presence of God…to preach the Word…fulfill your ministry.”

“I will.”

Rev. Miller then installed the newly elected Vice Presidents of CID: 1st Vice President Rev. Kent Tibben and 2nd Vice President Rev. Daniel Bishop.

Rev. Miller next installed the Circuit Counselors (See Convention Workbook pg. C-2.

Rev. Miller then installed Rev. Rick Milas (Secretary), Rev. Michael Mohr (Assistant Secretary), Rev. John Myers, Jr. (Treasurer), Mr. Robert Dalton (Financial Secretary), and newly elected members of the Board of Directors for the CID and Board of Directors for the Church Extension Fund.

Report from Credential’s Committee

124 Pastoral Delegates present
128 Lay Delegates present
33 Advisory Delegates present
18 Staff present
25 Guests present

Communications Committee sends special thanks to Rev. Chris Nitzel for the use of his electronic devices during the Convention.