Call Process for Commissioned Workers

The Education Executive of the LCMS Central Illinois District (CID) is available to conduct a training workshop for call committees. This workshop will assist the call committees in their tasks of understanding and implementing the call process as currently followed by the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). The tasks and tools for the call process are outlined in the Additional Resources found later on this page.

Call documents for commissioned workers are obtained on-line. 

To download call documents:

  1. Use the link (Commissioned Worker Call Documents) provided on the CID page of the Lutheran Portal or go to  This will open the LCMS Call Documents Web site of Concordia Publishing House.
  2. Log in using the user name and password you can obtain from the Education Executive of the LCMS Central Illinois District.
  3. Follow the directions to download the software that will load onto your computer the directions, a blank working document, and the actual set of call documents that you can fill out and print.

Basic Checklist for Securing Personnel

First Placement Candidate

  1. Formulate job description for the position
  2. Investigate possible candidates by visiting the LCMS Commissioned Minister Placement website at
  3. Advise the District President or Education Executive that you will be contacting the appropriate Concordia University System Placement Director to discuss designated call status for the chosen candidate
  4. Conduct Call meeting according to congregational bylaws
  5. Refer to Call Document Checklist (below) for recommended contents
  6. Prepare Call documents (be sure to identify the candidate by name and CUS school)
  7. Send Call documents to District President
  8. District President signs the Call document and sends Call document package to appropriate Placement Director
  9. Placement Director delivers Call documents to candidate
  10. Board for Higher Education is notified of the designate Call
  11. Assignment is made and approved by the Board of Assignments
  12. Calling entity and District are notified by the placement office
  13. Candidate informs the calling entity of acceptance of the Call

When First Placement Candidate Accepts the Call

  1. Candidate informs calling entity and placement office of decision
  2. Placement Director informs District President
  3. Candidate applies for synodical membership
  4. Calling entity, in consultation with the candidate, contacts District President seeking authorization to commission and install the new worker
  5. Confirm with the candidate arrival date, commissioning/installation date, relocation plans, etc.
  6. Obtain transfer of communicant membership to new congregation
  7. Request from the District President the authorization to commission/install the worker
  8. District President authorizes commissioning and installation
  9. Candidate is commissioned and installed into public ministry

Calling Candidate Already in Ministry

  1. Formulate job description for the position
  2. Inform District Education Executive of position needing filling, and seek his/her assistance in obtaining names for a call list
  3. Conduct Call meeting according to congregational bylaws
  4. Refer to Call Document Checklist (below) for recommended contents
  5. Prepare Call documents
  6. Send Call documents directly to person
  7. Inform District President or Education Executive as to who has been called
  8. When Call is accepted, request authorization to install (request made to District President)
  9. Confirm with the candidate arrival date, commissioning/installation date, relocation plans, etc.
  10. Install called person

Engaging a Lay Teacher

  1. Formulate job description for the position
  2. Prepare contract/offer to engage
  3. Send contract/offer to engage to the person
  4. Induct person into office (optional)
  5. Inform Education Executive of new hire
  6. Encourage worker to seek colloquy/reinstatement/placement


Additional Resources

For more comprehensive assistance in the components of the call process, contact the CID Education Executive to request a CDROM titled Resources for Calling/Obtaining New Workers. This is also available as downloadable documents on the CID District page of the Lutheran School Portal. The documents include the following main topics:

  • Exploring the Need for a Worker
  • Identifying Search Committee and Staff Needs
  • Conducting the Interviews
  • Recommending, Calling, and Notifying a Candidate
  • Transitioning and Orienting the New Worker


Congregational Document Checklist

The following is provided as a checklist for documents that could be included when the official call or contract is mailed to the candidate chosen by the congregation:

  1. Cover letter summarizing packet contents and indicating name, phone number, mailing address and email address of congregational contact person (see worksheet: Packet Cover Letter)
  2. Call / contract papers accurately and completely prepared with appropriate signatures (these documents can be obtained through your district office)
  3. Job description for the position to which the person is being called
  4. Current congregation Constitution/Bylaws
  5. Current congregational vision, mission, values and goals
  6. Current congregational/school budget
  7. Current congregation structure and ministry flow chart
  8. Current congregation/school personnel handbook
  9. Sunday bulletins for past three weeks
  10. Congregation and school newsletters for past three months
  11. Any special mailings from past three months
  12. Recent congregational picture directory and school yearbook, if available
  13. Materials about the congregation's ministries, particularly those to which the new worker may be responsible
  14. Brochures and/or bulletins of most recent Christmas and Easter services and special musical presentations
  15. Promotional materials, etc. of the school and congregation (audio, video or print)
  16. Appropriate community information obtained from Chamber of Commerce

Within two days of the congregation meeting extending the call / contract, expedite via overnight mail completed documents to candidate-elect along with other pertinent information.