Witness and Outreach Ministry

We want to support the congregations in placing a greater and a growing emphasis on an evangelistic ministry that will assist them to tell the Good News about Jesus that is harmonious to the Scriptures and the Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  In particular, we want to promote the Royal Priesthood fulfilling their God given mission, while at the same time honoring the divine call of the office of Pastor.

“Boldly helping our congregations in the church’s Mission of making and keeping disciples, trusting God’s promise for the priesthood of all believers.”

Gathering Contact Information

Gather contact information on those who view your online service. Visitors present in your building can sign a guestbook or a “rite of friendship” pad, but how about visitors who are not there physically? If they watch your church’s service on Facebook live or a similar platform, you can see who they are. But what if the service is loaded onto YouTube, or your church website? How do you entice viewers to contact you, say, via e-mail, so that you can follow up on them later? A resource with practical ideas may be found here.   

Articles on Outreach

Dr. Mark Wood of the Synod's Office of National Mission discusses outreach in a series of short articles. These can be good for a congregation to discuss.

Resources and Congregational Helps Available

Please contact Dr. Ken Schurb at the CID office with questions (contact info at bottom of page).

  1. Every One His Witness - Kit is available from Concordia Publishing House. We can help you use it.
  2. Gospel Communication Clinic - Craft a witness for a particular person
  3. Connect to Disciple - Outreach workshop (Friday night and Saturday morning) available to your congregation. Your church’s cost for this is slight.
  4. Incorporation - Assimilation workshop available to your congregation.

For more information on Witness and Outreach Ministry, contact:

Dr. Ken Schurb, Evangelism Executive
LCMS Central Illinois District
1850 N. Grand Avenue West
Springfield, IL 62702-1626
(217) 793-1802

Dr. Schurb can assist congregations with outreach to their communities.  He is available to consult with the pastor and outreach committees of our congregations. Contact him to lead Sunday Evangelism Festivals, various outreach workshops, or help with demographic studies.