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Adult Membership Instruction – Myth or Faith?

Finding fresh ways to present timeless truths was a passion for LCMS seminary professor Dr. Donald Deffner. Some years ago, he wrote a set of adult catechetical materials for Concordia Publishing House titled Myth or Faith? What he did was to lay out the content of the Christian faith as participants use Scripture to evaluate various popular myths – e.g., that Christians become angels after they die. 

The Myth or Faith? materials themselves are out of print, but participants in adult catechism study can still benefit by listening to portions of Issues, etc. interviews that Ken Schurb did based on those materials. Included are 70 audio shorts, each dealing with a separate myth. Generally, each lasts between 5 and 10 minutes. You can listen by clicking on the one(s) you want. Concordia Publishing House has granted permission for this use of Dr. Deffner’s copyrighted CPH course.

Who may want to listen to this audio?

  • People engaged in catechetical study
  • Those wishing to review the basics of the faith
  • Those who are simply curious about one or two of the items listed.

AUDIO: Myth or Faith? Audio Shorts

Extension of Adult Catechesis: The Christian's Mission

Concordia Publishing House's Lifelight: Foundations course entitled "The Christian's Mission" has a leader's guide (item 203945) and study guide (item 203946). This course is structured around four points that could form the "mission statement" of a congregation or for an individual Christian:

  • GET Christ's forgiveness in Word and Sacrament
  • GROW in grace and knowing Him
  • GLOW with His love in your calling and through church
  • GO tell the Good News about Him in your calling and through church

Free companion audio for this course consists of Issues, etc. interviews that accompany each of the 9 sessions. If participants work through their study materials and the audio interviews before sessions, time together can be maximally devoted to discussion. The interviews each run about an hour. By fast-forwarding through the spot announcements, a person can listen to one in about 45 minutes.

This study could be helpful to adults who have just come into a congregation via adult instruction, or even transfer from a sister congregation. It reviews a great deal of catechetical material, in a different way, and extends and applies it to the Christian's mission. The course could also serve as a resource for the ongoing training of elders or evangelism committee members.


For more information, contact:

Dr. Ken Schurb, Evangelism Executive
LCMS Central Illinois District
1850 N. Grand Avenue West
Springfield, IL 62702-1626
(217) 793-1802