Life Ministry

Welcome to the CID Life web page! As a layperson myself, I want you to know that this page aims to engage directly with the lay members of our churches in central Illinois. We want to provide an effective resource where you can easily obtain answers to your questions about all manner of Life Issues, and where you can find help in any particular area. (See the Quick Life Issues Collection below.)

Countless challenges face the Church today. Christians must take a stand against the growing evil in our society that promotes the culture of death — yes, laypeople too. God has put us in this moment and in this place for such a time as this. It is indeed an honor for us to serve Him in this way.

It is particularly important that we embark on this journey under the protection of prayer, guided by God’s Word, acting out our faith in Christian love. If we do, He will surely bless our efforts. He is faithful. We know that victory ultimately belongs to the Lord. All glory be to Him alone!       

– Dave Ward, CID Life Coordinator

Lutherans for Life Illinois Essay Contest

Pastors and Teachers can utilize this tool to help students think through Life issues in light of all Ten Commandments – starting with the First, not the Fifth. You will likely find that the essays your pupils write will provide you with valuable insight about them, particularly if you encourage them to choose topics with a personal connection. They will fairly readily appreciate the value of such projects.

For more about this year’s essay theme and rubrics for evaluation, click here.

Million Dollar Life Match

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) is offering over $1 million in matching grants. These funds will help the Synod’s member congregations to support various local pro-life efforts, both big and small. 

The people of the LCMS love children and families. Through many acts of mercy in their communities, we demonstrate this love. The $1 million match will mobilize still more love in action.

For more information, go to

Quick Life Issues Collection

Immediately below you can find links to a number of written resources on various life-related topics. For more, see links to Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR) documents on Life Issues and to the LCMS Life Library. If you are interested in audio resources, follow the link to many Friends for Life podcasts by KFUO Radio.

Book: A Small Catechism on Human Life