Demographic Studies

The LCMS Central Illinois District (CID) is a subscribed member to MissionInsite (MI). 

This means all of the MI services are available to our CID congregations at no additional cost due to our district membership.  Your congregation can request demographic studies through our office, but you also have the option of registering your congregation for the purpose of conducting your own demographic studies as well as plotting your congregation members' locations and conducting further studies that will make your inreach and outreach more effective specifically to you.

One of many testimonials from congregations around the country puts it this way:

"I highly recommend MI to churches who want to minister more effectively to their own members and neighbors. MI will help you stay faithful to your missional calling…exactly what you need to understand and advance your ministries."

Reaching your community requires knowing your community. MissionInsite provides cost-effective "location intelligence" resources to assist your church in developing dynamic ministries.

Demographic resources from MissionInsite, powered by our exclusive PeopleView™ System, comprise part of the mix of tools available to assist in ministry development.

Data in the PeopleView™ System Includes…

  • 2010 Census data
  • American Community Survey data
  • Current year estimates, 5 year projections and 10 year forecasts of population and households
  • A full array of other population, household and housing data
  • The Mosaic USA: Consumer Lifestyle Segmentation for the United States
  • Simmons Consumer Behavior and Attitudinal Survey information
  • And much more…

Planning Tools in the PeopleView™ System Include…

  • Demographic analysis on any user defined geography including radii
  • Demographic analysis of a full array of established geographies such as zip codes, cities, counties, census tracts, block groups, etc.
  • Quickly discover where your churches are by mapping all existing church locations
  • Find growing and changing communities quickly with the click of a mouse using MI's proprietary Opportunity Scan
  • Travel Polygon (Drive Time/Walk Time) Analysis for Developing a Targeted Mission Area
  • Mission Impact Guide for Ministry Applications of MOSAIC Lifestyle Types (click here for Mission Impact Guide)
  • Support Documents for PeopleView™ System and MissionInsite