The following presentations are available to your congregation from the LCMS Central Illinois District:

1. The Church as a Baptizing Community

  • One-hour presentation.

2. The Christian's Mission

  • Can be as long as a full-day workshop.

3. Evangelism in the Book of Acts

  • Can be as long as a full-day workshop.

4. Defense of the Faith

  • Half-day topics:
    • Christ and His Resurrection
    • Science under the Microscope
    • 21st Century Religious Challenges
  • Video recording of a seminary chapel service sermon on defending the faith, based on 1 Kings 18:20-40, available at

5. Incorporation

  • Assimilating new members into Lutheran congregations (day-long workshop).

6. Connect to Disciple

  • Friday night and Saturday morning workshop on congregational outreach. Your church’s cost for this is slight.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Ken Schurb, Evangelism Executive
LCMS Central Illinois District
1850 N. Grand Avenue West
Springfield, IL 62702-1626
(217) 793-1802