Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy Statement

CID and the national Synod

The LCMS Central Illinois District (CID) is one of the 35 Districts established by The Lutheran Church— Missouri Synod (LCMS) to achieve the Synod’s objectives and carry on its activities. The District is the Synod itself, performing Synod functions in Central Illinois. As such, the District functions in support of its member congregations by providing them assistance to conduct ministries at large as well as locally. The District also functions on behalf of its member congregations, administering ministries that can be accomplished more effectively together than singly.

CID Communications Social media tools are the latest aspects of this District’s total communications effort, which also includes an electronic newsletter (The GatePost), bulletin inserts and other e-mail updates to congregations and individual members of the Synod, plus a website.

  • The primary audience for District communications consists of CID church workers as well as members of CID congregations and others who have an interest in our schools. The first purpose of District communications is to inform the audience about the District’s activities in support of and on behalf of its member congregations, which all have their impetus in the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ.
  • A secondary audience for District communications is anyone outside of CID who may want to learn more about the Lord’s work within this District and the LCMS. Therefore a second purpose of District communications is to display what the District does as indicative of who we are and Who our Lord is.

Goals for CID Social Media Usage

Social media platforms enable the District to provide information to primary and secondary audiences in convenient and sharable forms. Our main goal in using social media is to inform our audiences and engage broader advocacy and support for District activities. Another goal is to publicize various events in which District congregations, schools, and rostered churchworkers are involved.

Social Media Rules of Engagement

Our Lord said, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12). Requesting that our social media followers, friends, and supporters hold themselves to this standard, we encourage respectful postings. We do not edit the posts of others, but the LCMS Central Illinois District reserves the right to refrain from including in its social media duplicate, irrelevant, inappropriate, or offensive content, or content that is otherwise inconsistent with CID’s goals for social media usage. Political statements and/or endorsements are not allowed.

Examples of content in which we are not interested:

  • Direct and indirect solicitations
  • Personal attacks or insults
  • Posts that conflict with LCMS theology
  • Items that could possibly compete with Concordia Publishing House products
  • Posts that have nothing to do with the church or Christianity, or whose purpose is unclear
  • Links to personal pages/campaigns/music, etc.
  • Posts with curse words or vulgar language
  • Material that violates copyrights

Disclaimer: References and links contained in posts are for potential use by individuals and congregations. Comments and links posted by individuals reflect personal opinions and may not necessarily reflect the beliefs and practices of or be endorsed by the LCMS or its Central Illinois District. Resources not produced by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod or Concordia Publishing House may contain helpful information, but may vary in doctrine from The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. CID is not responsible for the contents of announcements received from congregations or schools.

Please note that although social media platforms operate around the clock, our moderators do not. Please be patient if you see any comments that seem to violate our policies until these can be appropriately handled. You may e-mail us at On the subject line of your message, please write: “Social Media Concern.”

Adopted by CID Board of Directors, March 20, 2020


Download social media policy (pdf)