A Dollar for Missions

Apply for DFM Funds

DFM funds are to be used for well-conceived projects in the following order of priority:

  1. New church starts – A new church start is a) An intentionally organized gathering b) meeting on a regular basis for church services and/or Bible study c) that is prayerfully intended eventually to become a congregation of the LCMS;

  2. Mission-focused augmentations to existing ministries (e.g., adding a new ethnic ministry to a present congregation);

  3. Established CID missions (e.g., Ministry in Spanish, Campus Ministry, Deaf Ministry, Prison Ministry)

Forms to apply for DFM funds:

FORM 1 - Application for beginning DFM funding
FORM 2 - Application for continued DFM funding
FORM 3 - Report from a congregation drawing subsidy DFM funds