A Dollar for Missions

Current DFM Project

Replace furnaces at Immanuel Lutheran Student Center, Macomb

It is a great blessing that all four of CID’s campus ministries are headquartered in facilities located very near the campuses they serve. Three of the four are owned by the District. One of these is Immanuel Lutheran Student Center in Macomb, one block away from Western Illinois University.

Church services are held at 11:00 a.m. every Sunday in the student center’s Chapel of St. Timothy the Learner. Students attend, as well as members of Immanuel Lutheran Church, CID’s partner in campus ministry in Macomb. On Wednesday evenings, students are invited to meals prepared by church member families in the student center kitchen, prior to a weekly Bible study session also in the student center. The pastor’s office and church office for Immanuel, Macomb are located in the center, highly accessible to students.

The student center celebrated its 50th anniversary some five years ago. Now furnaces need to be replaced. The current Dollar for Missions project is to provide $25,000 for furnace replacement to keep the student center both operational and operating for years into the future.

Amount to be funded: $25,000
Project: Replace furnaces at Immanuel Lutheran Student Center, Macomb