A Dollar for Missions

Current DFM Project

Van for University Lutheran Church, Champaign

University Lutheran is the LCMS Campus Ministry congregation at the University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign. We bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the students, faculty, and staff, as well as others in the area and community.

The van will have two major uses. First, we will use it as a shuttle for students on Sunday mornings. It will drive a pre-planned route, picking up students at specific stops. We hope that this especially will help on days of less than ideal walking weather. We also hope to help students overcome the hurdle of getting to church on a campus where residences are usually a lengthy walk, and bringing a car to campus is difficult and expensive.

The second major use will be for transportation to various activities, retreats, and service projects throughout the year. Though we don’t travel great distances, the ability to transport many or all of the attendees at once, and not rely on students to provide rides, will be helpful.

We plan to make use of the van as a help for the upbuilding of the faith of the LCMS students here, as well as an instrument of outreach for students who want to come but might have difficulty otherwise.

Amount to be funded: $35,000
Project: University, Champaign, for purchase of 12-passenger van


The video shown above is broken down into four segments and can be viewed or shared separately:

1. What is University Lutheran Church?

2. How will a van be used to benefit University Lutheran’s ministry?

3. Besides rides to church on Sunday, how else will the van be used?

4. What is the UniLu congregation like?